Man on the moon

Is a black hole already found?
Scientists strongly believe that black holes really exist. Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity predicted the existence of such objects back in 1917, and over the past decades, astronomers have…

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Solar system. Hypothesis on the origin of sunspots
In the solar system there are many different types of free celestial bodies that do not have their own orbits. Such bodies can be asteroids, meteorites, comets, as well as…

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Solar System: Composition and Features
The Sun enters the Solar System, 9 large planets together with their 34 satellites, more than 100 thousand small planets (asteroids), about 10 to the 11th degree of comets, and…

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Why exactly the earth?

In the meantime, about the Earth, perfectly prepared to become our cradle. We were lucky. On earth, several favorable circumstances for life coincided. Not every star becomes a Sun surrounded by planets. Should the nebula rotate more slowly, centrifugal force would not have arisen, fragments would not come off from the central clot, planets would not have arisen. And such a lonely “childless” star would swim in a black abyss, barrenly wasting its heat and light … Not every star that gave birth to planets could create conditions suitable for the birth of life on them. It takes a lot of time, billions of years, for the origin and development of life. All this time the star should burn evenly, calmly, equally. Then the conditions on the planet will be constant – and life will be able to adapt to them. But the stars are far from being not all as calm as our Sun. Young stars sometimes flare up. A wave of incinerating heat hits the surrounding planets, burning, evaporating everything Continue reading

Planet formation

Let us return to the satellites of our Sun, to those fragments of the nebula that broke away from the central clot under the action of centrifugal force and began to circle around it. It is here that conditions are created that facilitate the separation of light and heavy particles of the nebula. Something similar to our ancient way of extracting gold by washing out of gold-bearing sand or by sifting grain in threshers is happening. A stream of water or air carries away light particles, leaving heavy ones. Satellite clouds are at very different distances from the sun. Far it almost does not warm. But in the family – his heat evaporates everything that can evaporate. And its dazzling brightest light, working like a kind of “wind”, blows out of them everything that has evaporated, in general everything is light, leaving only that heavier that “you will not budge.” Therefore, there are almost no light gases – hydrogen and helium, the main component of the gas and dust nebula. There Continue reading

Birth of the sun

And now the nebula has acquired a completely different look. A huge dark, slightly flattened cloud rotates majestically in the middle, and around it at different distances floating in circular orbits located approximately in the same plane, small “satellite clouds” detached from it. Follow the central cloud. It continues to condense. But now a new force begins to struggle with the force of gravity – the force of gas pressure. Indeed, in the middle of the cloud, more and more particles of matter are accumulating. There arises a “terrible crowding” and an “incredible crush” of particles. They rush about, striking each other harder. In the language of physicists, temperature and pressure rise in the center. At first it gets warm, then hot. Outside, we don’t notice this: the cloud is huge and opaque. Heat does not come out. But something Continue reading


More than anything else – the Universe itself, covering and including all planets, stars, galaxies, clusters, superclusters and cells. The range of modern telescopes reaches several billion light years.
Planets, stars, galaxies amaze us with an amazing variety of their properties, the complexity of the structure. And how is the whole universe, the universe as a whole?
Its main property is uniformity. This can be said more precisely. Imagine that we mentally allocated a very large cubic volume in the Universe, with an edge of 500 million light years. We calculate how many galaxies are in it. Let’s make the same calculations for other, but equally gigantic volumes located in different parts of the universe. If you do all this and compare the results, it turns out that each of them, wherever they are Continue reading

Star worlds

By the beginning of our century, the borders of the explored Universe had moved so far that they included the Galaxy. Many, if not all, then thought that this huge star system was the whole Universe as a whole.
But in the 1920s, new large telescopes were built, and astronomers opened up completely unexpected horizons. It turned out that the world does not end outside the galaxy. Billions of star systems, galaxies, similar to ours and different from it, are scattered here and there in the vastness of the universe.
Photos of galaxies made with the help of the largest telescopes are striking in their beauty and variety of shapes: these are powerful vortexes of star clouds, regular balls, and other star systems do not detect any specific shapes at all, they are ragged and shapeless. All these types of galaxies – spiral, elliptical, irregular – that got their names in appearance in photographs, were discovered by the American astronomer E. Hubble in the 20-30s of our century.
If we could see our Galaxy from afar, then it would appear before us quite different from the one in the schematic Continue reading

Ptolemy's system.
The formation of astronomy as an exact science began thanks to the work of the outstanding Greek scientist Hipparchus. He first began systematic astronomical observations and their comprehensive mathematical analysis,…


New Age - New Solution
In each era, people in their dreams solved the problem of contacts with aliens, based on the technology of their time. Until the 18th century, people believed that the energy…


The fact that in the solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter numerous small bodies move, the largest of which are only stone blocks in comparison with the…


Big Big Bang Challenges
Upon careful consideration, the cosmological theory of the origin and structure of the universe begins to crack at the seams. Take a look at the starry night sky. How did…